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25Please read Nottingham Mistress Victoria’s disclaimer before you enter…

This web site contains text and pictures pertaining to Nottingham Mistress Victoria’s use of domination, humiliation, torture, punishment and BDSM techniques.

There is no pornographic material on Nottingham Mistress Victoria’s site. It does however contain material of an adult nature, intended exclusively for those 21 years of age or older.

If you are under 21, easily offended by material pertaining to Mistresses, slaves and BDSM, or for whatever reason, know that you should not be viewing this material, please leave now.

This is the official site and only site for Mistress Victoria of Nottingham

Please only use the official email address to contact Mistress Victoria which is

Mistress Victoria does not and will not use any other email addresses regarding bookings & sessions.

Only use Mistress Victoria’s official contact number found on the booking page.

Some of Nottingham Mistress Victoria’s photos have been used without her permission, on dating sites etc., with a false email address. Do Not contact Mistress Victoria on these sites as it is NOT her.

If you try to make contact with Mistress Victoria via any other way other than the official contact details stated above, you shall be doing so knowingly that it is at your own discretion.

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